Why do people commit suicide?

Most people make the choice to try suicide on the spur of the moment rather than planning it out in advance. While there are a variety of circumstances that might affect a person's choice to commit suicide, chronic stress is the most prominent. Depression may cause people to experience intense emotional suffering and a lack of hope, leaving them with no other option but to end their lives. Some serious driving factors that lead to the action of suicide are-

     Traumatic Stress

     Constant abuse/ abuse relationship

     Substance Use and Impulsivity

     Loss or Fear of Loss

     Shame/ Guilt/ Fear


     Chronic Pain and Illness


     Social Isolation

     Existential Crisis

     Fear of failure

     Losing someone



Although it's hard to comprehend all the reasons in one list, these are some of the major reasons that tend to make people live on the edge and eventually jump off the cliff.