Why do we all need a mentor?

In recent years, the number of suicides is reaching a new climax. In the mechanical setting of the modern lifestyle, there are a very handful number of people around the world who are actually happy with their life in the true essence. While some successfully manage the balance between happiness and sorrows to keep on living, some are terribly failing in it. The growing GDP per capita has recorded a steady increase in the suicide mortality rate and suicide has become the fourth-leading cause of death among people aged 15-29 as per the recent 2019 statistics.

 The idea of struggle has different impacts on different people's lives and each person struggles in their own way- both mental and physical. In severe situations when life doesn’t turn out perfectly, suicidal thoughts tend to appear in the mind. Although some people interpret life as a series of misery, giving up easily on life is not an option.

 One should not forget that life is a mixed journey of disappointment and happiness. No matter how hard life seems to be at some point, you must endure the phrase and never lose hope. After all, life is precious!

 If you ever feel that you are living on the edge and ending life is the only way to escape the pain, counseling is the way to go. When no one around you understands you deeply, a mentor can be your best support in your critical situation. Expressing your deepest sorrows, insecurities, and traumas to the right person can unburden you from overwhelming thoughts. Effective talking sessions have helped thousands of people who were struggling with suicidal thoughts and gave them a fresh perspective about life to carry on with a vital purpose. A lot of life struggles can be helped by a mentor who can be there to lift you up.